Simplifying SSH Access to Your EC2 Instances with AWS CLI

Simplifying SSH Access to Your EC2 Instances with AWS CLI

Managing SSH keys for EC2 instances can be a hassle, but good news! AWS has introduced a new CLI command to make it even easier. Say goodbye to the operational burden of creating, securing, and rotating SSH keys. Let's dive into the details and see how this new feature can streamline your SSH access.

In a recent post titled "Secure Connectivity from Public to Private: Introducing EC2 Instance Connect Endpoint," the AWS team has provided a comprehensive overview of this mechanism. You can check out the post here for an in-depth understanding.

Now, connecting to your EC2 instances has become a breeze. Just use the following command in your AWS CLI:

$ aws ec2-instance-connect ssh --instance-id [instance-id]

No more manual handling of SSH keys! AWS takes care of the heavy lifting by generating ephemeral keys for you. These keys enable secure connectivity to your instances in both private and public networks.

If you're curious to learn more about this new feature and how it can benefit your workflow, visit the following link: It's an excellent resource to explore the ins and outs of this simplified SSH access method.

For those interested in the required IAM permissions for utilizing this feature, AWS has provided a detailed guide, which you can find here.

Say hello to a streamlined and hassle-free SSH access experience with AWS CLI's EC2 Instance Connect. Simplify your workflow and focus on what matters most—building and managing your EC2 instances effortlessly.

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