The best DIY VPN for gaming

What does DIY mean?

For those who are confused, DIY means “Do It Yourself”. This is a tutorial on setting up the best DIY VPN for gaming or anything else!

You will be able to set up a VPN server using Algo and public Cloud providers like Google Cloud, AWS or DigitalOcean.


Why do you need a DIY VPN for gaming?

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I do not game a lot. It seems like since PUBG had been banned in India, young Indians are looking for a way to access their favorite game. They turn to a VPN, not only because it allows them to access the game, but also for speed, security and privacy advantages.

Your ISP is monitoring your internet traffic.

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Bandwidth throttling by the ISP is another issue – when your ISP detects that you are gaming or streaming, they could reduce your bandwidth speed to favour other users. When you use a VPN, this is not an issue as the ISP will not be able to detect the type of your traffic.

Free vs. Paid VPN

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Free VPN is slow and insecure. It will not make the cut for bandwidth intensive purposes like gaming! Free versions may allow 300 – 500 MB traffic. But the commercial VPN services are costly but secure and have a no-logs policy.

Anonymous VPN

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A highly anonymous VPN will have a no-logs policy and strong encryption. I am speaking about logs created while a connection is established beteen your router / PC and the VPN service. This can contain your real IP address. If a VPN service keeps logs, investigative agencies can deduce your real IP address by comparing the logs of your ISP and the VPN service. So always go for a paid VPN that does not keep connection logs.

Why Algo VPN?

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You can always spin up your own VPN service on Google Cloud! That way, you can terminate the VPN server(s) when you no longer need them. To connect on Windows, you can use the Wireguard app. Connect to VPN when you require it. Terminate it when you do not need it.

This is more preferred as the server itself will not exist when someone asks for the logs!

How does Algo VPN work?

Here is the definition from Algo:

“Algo VPN is a set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal WireGuard and IPsec VPN. It uses the most secure defaults available and works with common cloud providers.”

In simple terms…

Algo is set of scripts that can be used to spin up a VPN server in a Cloud provider and region of your choice. You then connect to the VPN server using the WireGuard app. It uses the Ansible automation solution to connect too, say, Google Cloud and spin up a server in a region of your choice. Thus, you can get a server in any region that Google Cloud supports.

To be continued…



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